A purveyor of unique hand printed organic cotton for your home decor and soul.

I love colour, pattern, texture and planet-friendly practices and for me Cottage CLOTH brings it all together!

My name is Kailey Stewart and Cottage Cloth Co. is the product of a deep passion for colour and design, a desire to work independently with my hands and for my family, and a need to create in an environmentally conscientious way. I also love natural fibres and textile design, so printing fabric was a natural step for me.

But, it took me several years to develop my process (what designs are amenable to carving and printing on fabric? What level of detail works best? which ink? What consistency? How much ink on the stamp? How much pressure? Which fabric? Etc.), which brings me to now. 

I truly love this process end to end - drawing designs, the buttery feel of carving soft linoleum, mixing inks into gorgeous colour palettes, the reveal after pressing each stamp onto soft organic canvas, and the magic of sewing my own printed fabric into a finished product! 

It is extremely satisfying and I am thrilled to be able to share myself with others through my finished prints! 

Thank you for visiting my shop! 

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Please reach out with any questions at all - I would love to hear from you!


Kailey (designer, maker, owner of Cottage Cloth Co.)

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